Blog post: Let them be your friends

We all recognise the signs that a business is achieving traction, apart from the obvious one of sales.

These pointers include visits to your store or display, online views and likes, requests for a brochure, and social media comments.

But there's an even better indicator that the needle is moving, which is when sales agents attempt to get close to you.

  • A real estate broker tries to set up an appointment to meet.

  • The online site you are listed on encourages you to upload more inventory.

  • The connector person in your social circle is keen for you to attend more events.

These people know the market better than you know it yourself. They sense the opportunities. Their wishes should be your guide.

You don't need to have a phone full of contacts. You only need a relationship with a good broker or distributor to help you be a success. More than one agent is better, because they will compete for your attention.

Let these people be your friends.