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Invisible Ink : How You Can Change the Way Journalists Shape Reality – by
Peter J. Mills

Invisible Ink

Is "the news" the same as what happens in real life? How does the reporting process convert reality into something that we want to read, see or hear? Can outsiders have a say in the process?

In this candid and original book, Mills reveals how reporters cover their tracks, disguise their sources and appear omniscient. He also shows how outsiders can influence what journalists write.

This book is vital reading for communication professionals, students of the media, and anyone with a gram of curiosity about how the events of real life get shaped for consumption.

"Informative, witty, incisive. Invisible Ink is a challenging analysis of the media that pulls no punches. A brilliant piece of work." – BRIAN R. MORRIS, founder, The Publicity Agency (TPA)

"If you are a marketing and PR newcomer, or a seasoned practitioner who needs to re-skill, thank Mills for his insights and get the book." – BOB CRAWSHAW (AMAMI), 'Marketing Update', Australian Marketing Institute. See complete review

"One function of PR is to encourage journalists to provide exposure for your company and products ... Peter Mills, author of Invisible Ink, says this isn't that hard when you consider that journalists are always looking for new ideas and content." – Phil Dobbie, CBS Moneywatch. See full article

Second edition: now fully updated and available as an e-book from Amazon. Preview it first.