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Loser's Advantage : How Natural Weaknesses Can Be Sold As Strengths – by Peter J. Mills

Loser's Advantage
  • When singer Susan Boyle first appeared as a contestant on the Britain's Got Talent television program, she shocked audiences with her dowdy, unloved appearance, despite possessing a divine voice.

  • When Erik Weihenmayer – blind since a teenager – climbed Mount Everest, news of his triumph was greeted with disbelief. Erik became an instant celebrity, even though he was the 1478th person to summit on the world's highest peak.

  • Sri Lankan cricketer Lasith Malinga is just 1.73 metres (5 feet 8 inches) in height, which is very short for a fast bowler. He employs an unusual slinging action to lower the ball's trajectory even further, confusing batsmen and achieving a strong bowling average.

By customary standards, these phenomena might have all been losers. They suffered obvious disadvantages, yet went on to astound the world and become icons. What did they have in common?

Loser's Advantage explores the nature of the "natural handicap" and how, when paired with an unexpected virtue or talent, it can create fans as well as buyers.

This concise e-book will surprise and intrigue. It will also stimulate you to think about the unusual ways in which business success can occur.

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